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Easy like Sunday Morning June 4, 2012

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This past weekend was nothing short of glorious! The weather was incredible! The high for Saturday was Seventy Seven freakin’ degrees – on JUNE 2nd!!!

I had to take this quick pic to rub in the contrast of life in the Queen City versus life for my friends living in the armpit of Texas. I’m not giving up on a few close friends moving here! : )

I blogged about our amazing time on Saturday night at the Charlotte Shakespeare Festival.

Since the weather was so incredible, we tried to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the cooler than normal temperatures.

Sunday after lunch JT told me, “Whatever work you wanted to do inside the house today, consider it cancelled – we’re going fishing!”  When my dad was in town last weekend he left me a rod and reel. JT bought his fishing license a few weeks ago, so we were off to get my license and some worms for a relaxing Sunday afternoon spent fishing. As we cruised by the outside of the lawn and garden section, I realized all of their trees were marked down to crazy, clearance prices. JT knew what this meant – our day of relaxing and fishing had just been replaced with digging holes and planting trees! We did end up getting my fishing license and some worms — but also 5 new trees. I’d been wanting to plant trees along my neighbor’s huge, white wall fence. I got a steal of deal with over $1o0 worth of trees for only $35!

Wondering how we got 5 trees to our house without a truck or SUV? Here’s how! Back seat laid down and not much room to spare in the Altima and two trips!

I bought 2 larger Cleveland Pear trees to plant closest to our house. I bought one of each Bradford Pear, Cleveland Pear, and Willow Oak along the slope in our backyard.  I was dreading digging in the red clay, but due to the recent rain, it was much softer than normal.  JT and I were both pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to get the holes dug and trees planted. We read after we planted (because this is how we roll!), that the trees at full maturity can grow 20-30 feet wide, which may be a problem since they’re only spaced two fence sections apart (approximately 12 feet). I guess we’ll let the future owners 20 years from now tackle that problem!

The finished results!

We did make it down to our neighborhood fishing pond around 7 pm last night.

We quickly decided that our “stocked” fishing pond must have been stocked with turtles, not  fish. The only catch of the day was made by JT and was a turtle. It  was a challenge to get the hook off of his back leg, but he was a happy guy finally free and back in the water.


This past weekend was very relaxing and quite enjoyable!

How was your weekend?



Ode to the Blue Terd May 21, 2012

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The Blue Terd, my affectionate name for my 2001 Honda Civic, and I shared a momentous moment last Friday in the middle of  rush-hour traffic Interstate 85. I considered pulling over to have a moment, but alas the concrete construction barricades prevented that from happened. So instead I decided to snap a quick picture in observance! (For my Mom and other concerned drivers, traffic was at a [almost] standstill at this point)

We have made it to 170,000 miles together!  Oh the miles we have covered together!

The summer after Sophomore year spent driving through the back roads of Kentucky with the sunroof down falling in love with John Mayer. All of the miles spent driving back and forth on the weekends to see my love. All of the body work done over the years as a result of JT’s fabulous driving record (backing into a mailbox, pulling out into oncoming traffic while parallel parked on a side street …). All of the trips down the I-75 corridor from Lexington to Cordele. The “infamous” Coke battle in the Cracker Barrel parking lot with the stains still on the roof to prove. My own personal Karaoke bar – sans the alcohol of course. Driving to Texas for the best “road trip” into married life. Drives along the county roads in East Texas while quickly discovering Insurance Sales was not my life calling.  Packing up the car with no room for any.thing.else. on the final trip leaving Texas.  The days gone by of filling up the tank for less than $15 that now costs over $40, but it still gets 34 miles to the gallon! Moments when I’ve wanted to literally run away, but a good drive on a back road helped clear my mind and bring me back to sanity.

Although there are cracks in the paint job, the CD player has long been in working order, the driver’s window works some of the time, the gorilla glue where the roof lining meets the back window — all of these are signs of a much-loved and used car. Even though the new car bug bit me a few months ago, the new car payment reality prescription has worked quite well!

Here’s to you Blue Terd and hoping to make it to 200,000 together with a few more miles and memories to go!


The Parable of the Lost Keys April 6, 2012

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Last Friday I was racing around the house getting ready to leave for work and could not find my keys. No big – I’d check my purse, then the key holder (obvious choice, but often under-utilized), the kitchen counter – still no keys. I decided to search the not so obvious places: yesterday’s pants, the coach cushions, JT’s nightstand table – still no keys. Then I decided to search the really not so obvious places: the refrigerator(I’ve done crazier things before), under the bed (read: Lola), in my car — still no keys.

This has been about 20 minutes and now the panic starts to set in — where in the world are my keys?? I started retracing my steps from the night before.

I got home and realized the trash needed to be set out on the curb for pick up the next morning. I parked in the driveway since the trash cans are in front of where I park my car in the garage.  I sat all of my junk (purse, coffee cup, etc) on the trunk of JT’s car while I wheeled the garbage cans to the curb. Did I leave my keys on JT’s trunk or worse throw them in the garbage can? My car is parked still in the drive way with my work laptop locked inside of it. I call JT panicked. He reminded me we have roadside assistance with our auto insurance, so I call for them to at least come pop the lock so I can get my laptop and work from home.   

Now I know what you’re thinking … don’t you have a spare key you could have used??  Well that set of keys was my spare, because I’d previously lost my original set of keys when we lived in Texas. How I lost them, I can’t even remember now. While the locksmith is there to pop my lock, he says he’d be glad to make a  key for me.  I affectionately refer to my 2001 Honda Civic as the “Blue Terd”. It has definitely seen and outlived its glory days, but I was absolutely shocked when the locksmith said the cost of the key would be $185!! I told him I’d pass and keep looking.

 After a few more searches and even JT looking around, I decided to go ahead and call the locksmith back later that afternoon. About 10 minutes after I called the locksmith, an older lady rang my doorbell. She said, “Do these keys belong to you? I found them by my mailbox when I was getting the mail”. I had to hold back the urge to kiss this old lady because I was so excited!  I squealed a little, said ”Yes!” and then asked how in the world she found me!?! She told me she’d called Harris Teeter (a local grocery store) because she saw my Frequent Customer tag on my key ring. They would only give her my last name. Then she tried looking up our last name in the neighborhood directory. I told her we’d just moved in a few months ago and weren’t in there yet. She then decided to look up our last name and zip code on and she found our street address. I stood there in shock. 1) I got my keys back. 2) She would think of all of those steps to find me . 3) This stranger went to all that trouble to get me my keys back.

 JT laughed and reminded me of how lucky I was. We decided I must have left my keys on his trunk the previous night and they fell off on his way to work. Now, the keys are definitely beat up since they were probably run over a few times but they all work.

The parable of this story is never underestimate the goodness and kindness of a stranger. It may take a few more minutes and a little inconvenience, but you may never know the impact a good deed may have on another person.


An Early Valentine’s Idea January 27, 2012

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Hey Classy Ladies!

Can’t think of what to give your hubby or significant other for Valentine’s Day??!!

How about a special pair of “knickers” to show off your best asset ?? You know – your tramp stamp!


Rush on over and place your order here!


Lazy Coupon Queen Wannabe January 25, 2012

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I’m sure most of you have seen or at least heard of the Extreme Coupon show on TLC. Well confession: that is definitely NOT me.

Here’s a sample of what I’m talking about just in case you’ve been under a rock : )

Sometime last year my sister got bit by the coupon bug. She’s not crazy like the folks on that show, but she will often save more money than she spends. Which I think is quite admirable!  When she visited last Memorial Day – she gave me a mini lesson, but I confess I don’t really understand all the stack stuff still!

Remember this picture?? The sign of a happy coupon camper with TONS of free stuff and coupons from Speed Street.

She probably used all of her coupons from that day months ago and mine are expired still in an unpacked boxed.

So as a new year goal to save more money each month, I’ve been trying to coupon more. I feel like couponing is one of those “all or none” kinda things to make it work best. And I’ll confess I’m a bit of a lazy coupon-er.

I have subscribed to the Sunday paper and sit down each week to cut out the coupons I’ll aspire to remember to bring with me to the grocery story before they expire. I thought if  I was a little more organized than my single white envelope – maybe I’d stand a better chance! I found some really cute coupon organizers on Etsy — I mean they seriously will velcro onto your shopping cart!

But at the rate I’m going it would take me a few months to save the money it cost to buy this cute organizer that will help me save money — see where I’m going??

Now I know there are tons of websites and blogs to help you maximize the savings — but at the end of long crazy day, that is really the last thing I want to do.

Any tips or suggestions for this Lazy Coupon Queen Wannabe that doesn’t want to buy 80 tubes of toothpaste at once, but just save a few bucks??


Holy Crap! January 24, 2012

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I decided to do a cleanse starting today to go along with my “clean eating” I’ve been trying to be consistent with. I’ll let you know how everything comes out! (ha — there are so many potty jokes I’m refraining from using). This could take Messy Jessy to a whole ‘other level.


Confessions of a Chunky Butt January 12, 2012

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Writer’s Note: This is a completely un-filtered, un-edited rant. I had these thoughts while soaking in the tub after realizing I’ve lost ten pounds in the past two days due to having pneumonia. 

  • I am convinced that the average “fat” person knows at least twice as much as the average “thin” person when it comes to nutrition.
  • I love how “plus size” models have flat stomachs in magazine ads and are actually the size of an average woman (size 10-12).
  • If only it was as simple and yet complicated as “eat less, move more”.
  • My heart literally breaks when I think about how women are portrayed in the media the majority of the time. I wonder when we’ll defend ourselves and daughters and say “Enough!” to hyper-sexualization and the exploitation of women. Thankful for organizations like The Women’s Media Center that are sounding the alarms.
  • I wonder why doctors don’t understand that the reason fat people hate coming to you is they’re afraid you’re going to only address them as an overweight patient.
  • I love the fact I grew up in the South, but hate how much I love old-fashioned Southern comfort food.
  • I laugh a little on the inside when I see someone eating a 400+ calorie frozen meal and think they’re making a good choice.
  • I am eternally grateful for a Mom that told me I could do anything I set my mind to. I wish every girl no matter what their shape or size has/had that growing up.

Fall TV Favorites October 19, 2011

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Almost a month into the new Fall TV schedule, I definitely have a few new favorites when I have time to catch up with shows on my DVR or on demand.

Former Favorite Show: The Office 

I have officially given up on The Office. I almost called quits last season, but  I decided to hang in there until Michael Scott left. Things aren’t the same and this has been coming over the past less than stellar seasons.

Favorite New Guilty Pleasure Show:

Okay,so it’s a tie! JT and I watched Ringer – new show on CW with Sarah Michelle Gellar because he was slightly obsessed with Buffy back in the day. What can I say — he’s dork and was way ahead of the times before vampires were even cool.  Extra 90’s show blast from the past: Blossom is in the show too!

Revenge — I honestly thought this show wouldn’t make it based on the preview and promos, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Who doesn’t like seeing the overly indulged and conniving rich getting what they deserved?

Favorite New Funny Show:  The New Girl

Seriously, what’s not to love about Zooey Deschanel ? She’s smart, pretty, funny, has a unique voice!  We discovered this show on accident after hearing a few friends rave and it does not disappoint. JT swears that I’m the original “Just Jess” – I have to agree. Sometimes I crack up because we have some of the same quirks or can totally envision myself doing/saying the same exact thing!

Favorite Overpromoted Show I Refuse to Watch: Whitney

If you have to promote and publicize a show THAT much, it can’t possibly be good.  JT refused to watch when Whitney hi-jacked his Maxim magazine.

Not New but still Favorite Show: Modern Family 

Modern Family is still the best show on TV in my opinion. You can’t beat the clever wit and dynamic cast.

These are my favorite, weekly must watch shows – what are yours?


A Few Fall Faves October 12, 2011

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  1. Kentucky Basketball Midnight Madness
    It’s a tradition that started almost thirty years ago! Fans fill Rupp Arena to watch the boys of Kentucky with their first scrimmage and showcase of the season. Forget football — I can’t wait for basketball!
  2. Ben Rector ~ Something Like This 
    If you enjoy fun and smart pop music, this album is for you! It’s an awesome accompaniment for a road trip, singing in the shower, or pretty much anywhere. It’s $5 on Amazon – you won’t regret it!
    Billboard online recently featured an article on his tunes and the ever-changing music industry. In addition to a talented singer-songwriter, he’s pretty funny too.
  3. Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pancake Mix
    My facebook feed has been filled with everyone raving about the Pumpkin Spice Latte’  back for Fall at Starbucks. I say forget $5 on an overpriced latte’ and spend less than $5 on this yummy Fall goodness. There’s really nothing pumpkin that I don’t love and Trader Joe’s is starting to  stock the shelves with all things pumpkin — pancake mix, flavored cream cheese, bread, I could go on!
  4. Packing Fun!!
    I swear the boxes were empty when we started all though I could probably use a drink about now! If you didn’t know, liquor boxes really do make the best packing boxes – they’re free and really sturdy. Next week, we’ll be closing!














What are some of your Fall Faves?


Messy Jessy Paints January 20, 2011

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The other night I was moving some stuff around in our laundry “room” in our apartment. I had to move our step stool and couldn’t help but laugh and think of all of the memories each splatter of paint brought.

The first room we painted was actually by accident.  It’s actually quite a “classic”  Team Patton story. When JT and I got married, I inherited his bachelor pad furniture by default. I lived in a furnished apartment during college so his recliner and couch were all we had when we first got married. It was a bittersweet day when his yard sale, hand-me-down furniture finally bit the dust. I was crying tears of joy when the recliner broke and well JT was just  crying. We went furniture shopping to look at a replacement recliner and ended up ordering a recliner, love seat, and sofa!  I thought this would be the perfect time to paint before the new furniture arrived. We moved out our Wal-mart fake-wood entertainment center to paint. Half of it moved and the other half didn’t, so it was on its way to the particle board graveyard.  So the broken recliner led to a whole new living room furniture set, new paint, and a new entertainment center. Now that’s how you re-decorate a room!

The lime green is from our kitchen. I was so happy to paint the room and make it “ours”. It was bright but I absolutely loved it. It was a sad day when the green was replaced by khaki to make it more “neutral” for staging our house to sell. I think this was the first sign to our Texas friends that we really were serious about selling our house and moving.

In 2007 I worked a lot of crazy and long hours as an insurance agent. I’d been itching to paint our master bedroom but didn’t have the time or energy working seven days a week. JT and I both had July 4th off. Around 10 pm on July 3rd, I realized we’d actually have a day off together and what better thing to do than paint our bedroom. I thought JT would totally shut me down and think I was crazy, but he actually gave in to the craziness. We made a midnight run to Wal-Mart in The Woodlands and bought paint supplies. We stayed up until 4 am moving furniture, taping off the ceiling, and painting.

The last and final paint job happened the last 24 hours we lived in our house. We’d repainted all of our rooms except the third bedroom/office. After all of the furniture had been moved out, you could really see the “wear and tear” of living somewhere for five years. I really wanted to paint the room but JT was hesitant to give in to the craziness this time with everything else we had going on with moving. Luckily my father in law was there and gave in to the craziness. He agreed that it would be good to give it a fresh coat of paint and hopefully help in getting the house sold. He didn’t realize the only paint we had left  in the garage was Wal-Mart paint. My father in law HATES Wal-Mart paint and is strictly a Lowe’s purist. He made a couple of streaks with the roller and then realized it was Wal-Mart paint. There were a few late night grumblings, but him being the great man he is, made a Lowe’s run the next morning. He  painted the bedroom before we moved out the next morning.

So many fun memories of different home improvement projects in our first house. And in true Messy Jessy style there was a paint stain on the old carpet, paint on the kitchen floor to be scraped off, on the baseboard, and quite a few others. My mom used to tell me I painted in thirds: 1/3 on me, 1/3 on the floor/drop cloth, and 1/3 on the actual wall.


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